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We use innovation and creativity to accelerate impact.

Our Value Proposition

We transform organizations, start-ups and teams in today’s digital economy through agile ways of working to enable innovation, collaboration and value creation with speed, scale and impact.

An exceptionally unique experience, perfected for you

We aspire to become market leaders, strategic partners and thought leaders for anyone who seeks to go into the digital space.

For all potential clients who express interest in our services, we schedule a sitting that includes 1 hour free consult to gain a proper understanding of who they are and their needs.

We also have a proactive, direct approach towards acquiring new customers. We continuously engage the local agile community by offering free talks during meet-ups and boot-camps; which translates to new business and brand awareness.

The Team

Agile Mavericks was co-founded by 4 Kenyan ladies in October 2018. The team is focused on getting hands-on experience with a clear learning path in the agile domain, backed by internationally recognized certifications.

Gladys Ng’weno


● Msc. International Technology Management- University of Warwick, BSc. Information Sciences- Moi University.
● Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Business Strategy, Scrum Product Owner Certified, Professional Scrum Master Certified, Service Experience Design, Interior Design.
● 5 years experience in Corporate, Government, Education & Environmental sectors.
● Gladys is the genius who set up a Digital Accelerator with a network of 20 cross-functional teams working towards a common digital strategy.
Her passion to cultivate a sense of self fulfillment in people makes her a natural mentor. She inspires leaders and team members to co-create value and have FUN while at it.
● She enjoys cooking; interior design and décor, decluttering and outdoor activities – picnics, nature trails, bike riding and road trips.

“The absolute alignment of purpose and trust is something that creates greatness.” ― Jeff Sutherland, one of the inventors of Scrum software development process.

Anastacia Wainaina


● BSc Information Technology
● Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Digital Marketing, Scrum Developer Certified, Professional Scrum Master Certified.
● 3 years in Private, Government and Corporate sectors.
● Anastacia is an agent of change who understands how to work and sometimes clash with bureaucracy. She has Street cred (has trust and respect of all peers) and this enables her to engage with stakeholders of all kinds. She helps the teams understand the basic framework of an Agile Process, its architecture, design, along with the core benefits of an efficient Agile-based Software Development life cycle.
● She encourages teams to understand agile which is about making it safe to make changes. Her business analysis skills enables her to know customer issues, determine causes and initiate corrective actions.
● She is also a social geek; road trips, nature walks and salsa keeps her going.

“Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein, Physicist

Monicah Njeri Nyagah


● BSc. International Business Administration (Finance)
● Business Development, Partner & Vendor management, Professional Scrum Master Certified.
● 7 years in the Banking and Corporate sectors.
● Monicah is a specialist in Coaching & teaching the Scrum practices across different cross-functional teams, overall Organization Culture as well as the underlying processes (Supply Chain) which require transformation to realize the real value of Agile. As a Scrum Master
to an M-Agri team, she successfully coached the team on the scrum framework,leading the team to secure prestigious Awards
● An hour in the gym keeps her energy up and body fit.

Purity Njeri Waigi


● BSc. Information Technology
● Scrum Product Owner Certified, Professional Scrum Master Certified, IT Reporting, Project & Retail Operations, Service Design, Resource Management, Quality Assurance, User Experience & Photography.
● 10 years in the Corporate and Tech Start-up sectors.
● Purity has experience in both the corporate and start-up sectors making her skillset diverse and dynamic. She is skilled in Agile & Scrum training, Product & Project Management, User & Customer
● Experience. She has successfully led product teams into achieving democratization of trainings after product rollout. In her free time, she plans and organizes monthly Agile Meetups in Nairobi where conversations and trainings on Agility, Scrum and Product Ownership for the tech community happen.
● She's a part-time photographer, enjoys curated conversations, globetrotting and hanging out with kids.

The absolute alignment of purpose and trust is something that creates greatness

Jeff Sutherland
Inventor – Scrum software development process

Foster a network of empowered teams

• to a common vision/goal.
• with specialized and generalized skills.
• with cohesion and synergy

Foster a dynamic people model that ignites passion and embraces next generation technology.

• driven by innovation & out of the box thinking.
• radical approach to problem solving

Focus on processes with rapid decisions and learning cycles

• failing fast and faster go-to market
• a culture of continuous improvement/ Kaizen

Seek to transform leaders to visionary, architect, coach and catalyst who

• adopt new personal mindsets and behaviours
• learn to help teams work in new ways
• learning how to build enterprise agility into the design and culture of the whole organization.

Ready to transform your organization?